Walk several dogs at once


Do not go out with more than four dogs, use the appropriate straps and know how to avoid the pulls are keys to facilitate the walks

  • Publication date: December 28, 2012

During holiday periods, such as Christmas, it is possible to work as a dog walker for extra income or, as appropriate, take advantage of the care of family and friends. In both situations, or if you live with more than one animal, During walks with several dogs coordination is essential. This article explains how to do this, three guidelines must be followed: organize animals by ages and sizes, do not walk with more than four dogs at once Y avoid belt pulls. In addition, the features of the dog walker, an expert in collective outings.

Walks with several dogs: coordination is essential

The departure with several dogs of different sizes, characters and ages forces to organize. The correct arrangement during the walks can make the difference between enjoying the exit to the street and stress.

With several dogs, coordination is essential, but also the education of the dog, a task that must begin during its puppy stage. This way the exits are facilitated, especially, if in the walks it is accompanied by other dogs. "An animal that knows how to walk in coordination with its owner and other congeners avoid problems during the ride", says canine ethologist Helena Bat.

There is three guidelines to make dog outings in groups happier.

1. Organize animals by ages and sizes

The walks with several dogs require prior organization, advises Marta Úbeda, a walker and professional dog sitter. "If they are animals of various sizes, you can place the big ones on one side and on the other end, the little ones, "he explains.

Elderly and mobility impaired dogs need a special turn during walks

You also have to consider how each dog walks. "If you make more stops to smell, you will need to walk alone, to one side, so that you do not drag the rest," he warns. In addition, if one of the dogs is very old or has certain mobility problems that force him to walk more slowly, it is advisable to take several turns for exits.

2. Do not walk with more than four dogs at once

Walking to five or more dogs can complicate the exits. The reason is that "there are too many animals to be able to control them properly," adds Úbeda.

When there is more than four dogs at the other end of the leash, the walk is further complicated and it is more difficult to meet the particular needs of each of the animals.

3. Avoid belt pulls

If the owner or stroller pulls the end and stretches the rope, "transmits to the dog that he must do the same," Bat explains. The leashes must remain loose and, if one of the dogs is sued, the reaction of the owner must be directed to him and not to the rest of the dogs.

Certain special leashes help to walk several dogs at the same time

The choice of appropriate accessories is another key to facilitate the exit to the street with several animals. Extensible straps are not appropriate. The reason is that "its handle is not comfortable to hold when you have to carry more than one dog," adds the professional walker.

It is possible to purchase specific products to walk several dogs at once. In this case, the belts fork, so the passer must only hold a single handle, instead of several.

As for the insurance that blocks the extendable straps, you can also play some bad trick and, as a consequence, "the animals can run out of control." He harness is also not advisable. With the collar, the dog is more aware that he walks too fast and will slow down more easily.

For all this, when walking several dogs, it is advisable that everyone has the same type of belt and that it measures about two meters. In addition, any ride accessory must be approved to be safe for both the owner and the dog.

The dog walker, a salt expert>

The walk of the dogs is fundamental for their physical and psychological well-being. Responsible owners are aware of this, although lack of time is sometimes a problem. In these cases, the solution may be to hire a dog walker, professionals whose service is to walk the dogs in the absence of their owners.

During the holidays it is more useful opt for a professional canine caregiver, which in addition to taking care of the exits, will be responsible for feeding the animal.

This service not only aims to go out with dogs, but also ensure that during their walk they enjoy, exercise and have time to develop their social relationships.

Meet the necess>

Before you start it is very important that you know each dog individually. If you have decided to adopt several dogs at the same time, we recommend you take a walk with each one of them to observe how it behaves during the walk paying close attention: if it smells, if it tends to pull the leash, if it is one of those that need a lot exercise etc.

It is important to note that it is very harmful to remove dogs in different groups, even if you have several and it costs you to take a uniform walking pace: it is preferable that they leave all at once and in a more chaotic way for others to stay at home thinking about what they have done wrong so you don't take them out, ask your family or friends for help at first if you think it can be complicated.

It is essential that you consider the pace of walk that each one has of dogs and their individual exercise needs: everything you know about your dogs will help you when walking in a group.

Two groups of dogs

Before you start talking about tools that will make you the most comfortable ride it is important to highlight that you should organize your dogs before going outside.

After analyzing the needs of each group of dogs, you will divide the pack into two groups And so that everything works properly and comfortably you will need to use both hands. Especially if they are large dogs, you must compensate the two groups of dogs so that both have a similar strength.

Group your dogs according to their pace of walk, according to their behavior on the street or their particular tendency: the division can change over time, you will discover the perfect combination after many walks.

The team of each dog

From ExpertAnimal we have always recommended harness use since it prevents dogs from drowning or getting rid of the collar among other problems.

From my personal experience I recommend the use of Julius K9, a reflective harness that shines in the dark, highly secure and very customizable. Remember that dogs considered PPP must always wear a muzzle if they are in a public space.

The anti-shot harness

For the walk to be carried out properly and without incident you must pay attention to those dogs that can make you fall to the ground and that is to take several dogs at the same time one must have strength or control over their pets.

For those who observe this problem and doubt their ability or strength at the time of walking several dogs at the same time we recommend the anti-shooting harness, a very useful tool that considerably reduces the pulls that the dog can make.

The harness is placed in a certain way that allows the front legs can not move freely, are more collected, so they can not pull so hard. We must emphasize that the anti-shot harness does not cause discomfort or pain.

A leash, two dogs

To reduce the number of leashes and improve the quality of the walk you can make groups of two dogs and join them by a leash for two dogs.

This type of leashes are especially suitable for small dogs or quiet dogs although if they are long enough you can use them on any type of dog. It will help you speed up the ride.

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