Tips to prevent my dog ​​from escaping


Using a leash, always carrying edible prizes and using a canine GPS are some guidelines that help dogs not get lost or escaped because of an oversight

  • Author: By EVA SAN MARTÍN
  • Publication date: July 7, 2014

Losing a dog because of a mistake is very painful. But also, a dog that goes astray or escapes during the walk runs various dangers: May be hit by a car, stolen or injured due to other accidents. But, How to get our furry partner not to run away or get lost? These seven steps help you get it: use a leash, go to the canine parks, learn to call the dog with edible prizes, understand that it is our friend, use badges and microchips, get a canine GPS and avoid foreseeable dangers.

1. How to prevent the dog from getting lost? With leash

Dogs run less when we know how to earn their trust, look them in the eye and be their friends

Dogs need to wear leashes during their outings to the park and the city walks. And choosing the appropriate one, according to the size and character of our furry companion, is essential for a happy walk without loss.

The use of straps for dogs, in addition, is mandatory in Spanish cities, with the consequent fines for non-compliance.

2. Prevent the dog from escaping: canine parks

Although always at a lower rate than what dog lovers demand, the number of parks and enclosed areas for dog recreation grows in the cities of our country.

These canine areas are bounded by a security fence that prevents animals from leaving their perimeter. Many also include play areas (with tunnels, obstacles and other canine entertainments). And others have wooded sections where to rest and enjoy our pets safely.

3. How to ensure that the dog does not escape? We are friends

A dog is a friend, a furry companion that we must take care of as he deserves. People who manage to understand this maxim and forge a relationship of affection and friendship with their dogs obtain, in addition, another reward: for them, it will be more difficult to lose it during the walks. "The first advice for an animal not to escape or lose is create a close bond with him", says Ernest Belchi, of the Spanish Association of Canine Educators in Positive and author of the Captain Can blog.

How to get it? The games, the affection and to watch over the attention of the furry friend are indispensable guidelines. Another trick? Visual communication is very powerful for this pet, so it should be taught to look us in the eye. "To achieve this, it is important that we also do it, as well as learn to capture their attention, when necessary," adds this educator.

4. My dog ​​is not lost: learn to call him

Dogs get less lost if we have canine cookies or pieces of sausage on top, since it is easier for them to come when we call them

Dogs that have learned to come when we call them lose less. To begin these lessons, Belchi recommends using edible prizes, such as caserass cookies or bits of sausage type frankfurt, very fragrant and attractive to the dog.

The prize bags for dogs, which are attached to the belt, are an accessory that makes it easy to carry them always by hand during the outings. "Edible rewards for obeying our call must be very attractive, we must make them more interesting than what can move the dog to escape or separate from our side, "he adds.

5. My dog ​​is not lost: badges and microchip

Dog identification with microchip is mandatory in Spain. This tiny device, which the veterinarian introduces under the skin of the dog's neck, contains the data and contact phone number of its owner.

Further, a simple metal plate hanging from the dog's collar or harness is very useful. You can register our phone and the name of the animal, to make it easier for those who find our furry companion to contact us immediately.

6. GPS to not lose the dog

GPS technology (Global Position System) has adapted to the dog world successfully. Its mission is to help us locate our friend, in case of loss. The GPS is attached to the collar of the dog and some allow to be connected to the smartphone. In this way, it is possible to know at all times where the pet is just by consulting the phone screen.

7. How to make the dog not escape? Avoid dangers

A female dog in heat releases powerful irresistible hormones (pheromones) for most male dogs, which can smell them from tens of meters away. The result is a dangerous situation for both of them (female and male), since the chances of them escaping and getting lost are doubled. The straps, as well as vary the usual route of the ride while the female's zeal ends, are measures that contribute to the moment of the canine walk is happy and without loss.

What do you do to keep your dog from escaping or losing? You can share your advice in the comments. Thank you!

Why does my dog ​​run away?

There are several reasons why a dog can escape:

Sexual motives

The presence of female dogs in a mating season near home or in the walking areas can cause your dog to run to the source of the smell. Females release pheromones that will attract males in the area. Avoid areas where you know that bitches live in heat on your walks.

Dogs and especially young people need to burn energy. They need long walks or exits to spaces where they can run freely. If a dog does not have enough exercise, he can run away from home to run and let off steam.

Hunting, want to explore.

The smell of a dam near the house or just seeing the door open can cause your dog to run away. Many reasons can lead your dog to escape without knowing very well why. That is why it is very important to educate your dog and be integrated into your family. If your dog is always in the garden, does not participate in games or daily activities with the family, he will have more tendency to escape.

Daily routines, whether they are walks, trips to the forest or simply to accompany us to run errands, will take up part of your dog's day. Thus, in the moments that you have to be in the garden or patio you will be more tired and less bored.

Prevention and location

We cannot prevent our dog from escaping at all times, but we can take precautions to help us find him.

As you well know, the microchip identification It is mandatory in Spain. It is housed under the skin of the animal and contains the contact details of the owner. This is very useful, because if someone finds our lost dog, going to a veterinarian can obtain the owner's information and contact us.

We can also put one name plate and our phone in his collar. It is simple but very useful because it allows the person who finds our dog to call us directly without checking the microchip.

The last thing to locate our dog is the use of GPS attached to the collar. It allows the owner to visualize the location of his dog with a smartphone.

My dog ​​runs away from home

Outside area

If your dog spends most of his time on a terrace or garden you should know that he knows each corner and that if there is an area where he can leave, he will. That's why it's important that you fence or delimit well the outer zone and check from time to time that the fence has not been broken or there are holes in the ground that allow it to exit. This way you will be sure when you are away from home that your dog can walk through the garden without escaping and without the need to be tied.

Respect the door

If every time you open the door of your house your dog tries to run away you should know that it is an education problem. We must ensure that they learn from an early age to respect the door. Every time you go for a walk, take the leash and go to the door. The dog should be calm when you put the leash and then when you open the door. If not, say NO and close the door. Repeat the process every day before leaving until you understand it.

My dog ​​escapes during walks

If you walk through the city it is mandatory to use a leash. If you walk without a leash in rural areas or dog parks it is important that your dog receives basic training.

Answer the call

If the dog is loose during the walk we must accustom it to not go too far. That is why it is important that you go to the call. We must call him by attracting the animal's eyes and speaking loudly and clearly. As soon as you go, we will give you sausages or other rewards. We must be patient and not get angry if it does not come. It is a slow process and depends on trust. Gradually the rewards should disappear. It is best to caress him and play with him when he comes, although from time to time you can reward him.

It is important that during the walks you do not call him only at the time of leaving, because he will notice and avoid it.

Avoid conflict areas

If there is a bitch in heat in the area or you know that your dog is especially disturbed when passing through a certain place, avoid it. It costs nothing to change the route a bit and avoid our dog distractions that can make him escape, especially if he is in the training phase.

The importance of exercise and training

As we said before, the lack of exercise It is one of the reasons why a dog can escape.

Depending on the breed and age of the animal its needs are different. If your dog is young and very active you should make him burn that excess energy. Even if you go for a walk several times a day, they need to run, release energy.

A day in the bush or in a running dog park is perfect for your dog to get home tired but calm. This way you will not want to go exploring.

He training It is something basic, not only to prevent it from escaping but so that our dog is balanced and perfectly integrated into the family. It is very important to devote time to it, not just at the beginning. The constancy is fundamental. And above all do not be angry with him, the screams and bad methods are completely unproductive. He positive reinforcement and constancy They will get our dog to obey us.

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Why does the dog escape

The first thing we must ask ourselves about this issue is why does the dog escape. There may be many reasons why the dog escapes from home or why he escapes if we let him go. There are dogs that are not accustomed to walking on a leash and feel overwhelmed by it, so when we release them they do not want to wear it again. There are also some dogs that are very anxious to be locked up and decide to escape. On the other hand, dogs that have not been neutered, in the case of males, can escape by a dog who is zealous and is nearby. Sometimes, the dog can escape because he is scared by some noise, for example by fireworks, although in this case we are talking about something specific that we can avoid if we are with him and reassure him.

Prevent the dog from escaping at home

It is important to prevent the dog from escaping from home, because something might happen to him, that a car gets lost or run over. If the dog tends to escape, the first thing we have to do is ensure the entire garden and house area well to prevent the dog from leaving. In addition, when we leave home we must ensure that the dog is in a place where it cannot leave. It is common for the dog to escape if we open the door. That is why we have to train it so that it does not come out and keep a distance when we leave. Also in the case of opening a portal and for the dog to leave, it is better to have a separate area for them.

Prevent the dog from escaping by walking

When we go for a walk with the dog, he may escape if we let him loose somewhere. In principle, with dogs that usually escape, it is better to always use the leash. If we want to give them a little more space and practice the call to come we can use an extendable strap, which gives us much more range of action when walking the dog. This way they will have their freedom and we can control them whenever we want by shortening the belt a little if necessary.

Train the dog to come

So important is to prevent the dog from escaping as train our pet to come when we call him Nothing happens when the dogs decide to explore the area and move away a little from us, they are not escaping, but we must be sure that they will come when we call them. It is easy to train them in terms of the method, since we simply have to take with us something that interests them, which is usually a toy or typical dog goodies. When he leaves we call him and when he comes with us we give him the prize. Sometimes it will be a bauble and other times we can simply give it a caress, so you don't always wait for the prize. We must repeat this very often, until the dog internalizes it and comes whenever we call it. In time we will not give you prizes and will also come to our call. This way we make sure it doesn't escape when we release it.